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The privilege GPRS following framework makes, following of organization vehicles straightforward and viable. GPRS truck following is winding up more typical as organizations and government offices perceive the advantages of these frameworks. With enhanced coordination of benefits, speedier conveyance times and better armada administration, truck following frameworks can drastically enhance efficiencies "Triptracs" truck following frameworks have the correct innovation and gear to make it less demanding than at any other time for armada administration experts to viably cut expenses and enhance benefit. "Triptracs" application enables armada chiefs to watch vehicles remotely, getting data about vehicle area, bearing of travel and status of unit. "Triptracs" announcing framework enables you to get to the measure of detail expected to watch and right undesirable patterns and decide and bring down fuel use. "Triptracs" gives continuous information, with as low as 15 second interims, enabling armada chiefs to coordinate their armadas effectively With this essential information, the present truck armadas can work as productively as could reasonably be expected, surpassing client desires, cutting fuel utilize and enhancing security out and about.


  • Organizations frequently refer to representative checking as a key explanation behind utilizing a truck following framework
  • On the off chance that a vehicle delays for longer than would normally be appropriate along its course, or on the off chance that it takes an alternate course altogether, an armada supervisor is promptly mindful and can act to check that inadmissible conduct
  • GPS truck following enables a business to design more productive courses and speak with others — the two drivers and client
  • With simple to-utilize maps and continuous updates, an armada administrator or dispatcher shows signs of improvement feeling of movement examples and course adequacy

Reliable GPRS Vehicle tracking options

You have various alternatives for tracking your fleet. A specialist can help you to choose what package would be best for your particular needs. Triptracs gives everything an organization needs to precise, reliable tracking. We utilize our own Web-based tracking software called "Triptracs" to give a large group of data important for keeping tabs on a single vehicle or an entire fleet. We additionally offer various tracking devices to meet the fluctuating needs of our clients. At Triptracs, our expert item authorities work with you to decide the best tracking device for your business needs and objectives

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