Introducing Triptracs Fleet Services

Triptracs is a vehicle fleet management application for employee transportation. It collaborates with the different organizations and technology availed vehicles from the best vendor partners in the city.

Triptracs fleet management is designed to decrease the cost of an organization’s fleet by 10-15%, deliver 100% statutory compliance and eliminate the fleet shortage.

All Triptracs cabs are come fitted with GPS devices and a driver trip sheet phone.


Vehicle Tracking

TripTracs enables the transport team as well as the employees to track vehicles in real time using GPS data. The transport team can track all vehicles in the TripTracs employee transport system on a map interface along with details of the employees in the vehicles. Employees can also track their vehicle. Existing 3rd party GPS devices in the vendor’s fleet can be easily integrated with the TripTracs employee transport automation software.

Cloud Calling

For avoiding a big security hole in the process, we are providing cloud calling facility.The driver can contact the employee directly but the employee will be connected through an IVR number. Same flow is applicable for employee while initiating a call to driver. This will provide more privacy for employees.


Instead of using print out papers for trip details, driver can easily view the trip details in the application. The drivers can download the application in their smartphones and execute the trips via the application. This solution will provide greater flexibility in delivering the process.

Automated Billing

Triptracs supprots completely automated billing for trips.The users can generate bills without manual reconcilation errors. As the trip details are visible in the application, all the process will be transparent.

Verified Cabs and Drivers

The vehicles and drivers registered in the application will be strictly verified by the Admin before getting registered.The documents related are uploaded by the drivers or vehicle owners while registering into the application. Admin will approve after complete verification. This will provide a secure and trustful service for the users.The owners or drivers will be notified by the Admin for expiry of the licence and other documents.

Escort Facility

Triptracs takes care of its users security completely. The escort facility is a feature for providing security for the lady employees. Employee can request for escort service if needed. When the request is approved, the employee will be accompanied by the escort.

Report Generation

Generating trip reports is now easy using Triptracs. Reports on employee based,shift based, trip based and so on can be generated in a single click.

Backup Driver

For a hassle free transportation, backup driver option is provided. When an emergency stop has happened to a trip, the office manager will provide a substitute cab and driver for the employee for completing the trip. The details of the substitue allocation will be available in the back up driver section, so that none of the trip details has to be missed.

Ad Hoc Bookings

Triptracs provides the facility for doing ad hoc bookings also. The daily trips will be allocated automatically according to the employee shift details. When an employee wants to request for an ad hoc trip, office manager will approve the request and allocate cab for employee. If the request is not approving, the employee will be notified with the reason.

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