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An advanced bus tracking system from lets you know where your buses are when they will arrive at certain stops and even how fast they are traveling. With the detailed reporting capabilities of the right tracking system, you can provide outstanding customer service and improve efficiency, profitability, safety, and security. GPRS bus tracking systems from are an essential component of the modern public transportation system. If your city has a viable population, you can enjoy significant bus tracking benefits by monitoring your fleet and improving cost efficiency, safety, and profitability. Private bus companies will notice similar benefits when using the right tracking system.


  • Convenient and impose greater control over technology.
  • Streamline school bus routing and scheduling, Real-time GPS student tracking anytime from anywhere.
  • Receive instant notifications and alerts, Provide peace of mind to school authorities and parents
  • Create and obtain reports with accurate details, Provide valuable information on time through school bus tracker apps
  • GPRS tracking software allows managers to change inefficient routes in order to save fuel costs

GPRS School Bus Tracking Application

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